So that the sugar level of diabetes are always stable, then he must always maintain and implement what is a prohibition for these sufferers. Immediately, here is some things that diabetics should avoid.

1. Eat Too Late

The first thing, diabetics must avoid eating too late. These sufferers are encouraged to fast at night, eat when the evening or before nightfall. Because when eating at night blood sugar levels will increase, and this is very dangerous for sufferers.

2. Barefoot

Then the next thing is walking without using footwear. When the patient walks without using footwear, then his foot is stuck or punctured by a sharp object, so that his feet bleed because of the stab wound, then to get recovered on the leg it will take a long time if the patient has severe diabetes.

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3. Stop Taking Drugs

Although the patient’s blood sugar level has been declared to decrease, that does not mean that he has been declared completely cured. Why is that? The possibility of damage has occurred to the hormone insulin, so the drug must always be consumed to maintain the condition of sugar in the blood. If you stop taking the drug, the possibility of diabetes will become worse again.

4. Eat Prohibited Foods

Eat foods that are prohibited for diabetics such as sugary foods, high cholesterol foods, foods with high addictive substances, and greasy or fatty foods. Then there are also forbidden fruits such as durian, grapes, and mango. It’s okay to eat these foods, but when the blood starts low. But if the blood sugar is on the rise, eat diabetics for taking it.

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5. Despair

The last thing, diabetics must avoid despair. Always be optimistic to recover and lead a normal life. As long as the patient wants to be disciplined and has a strong intention to recover, then diabetes will definitely disappear and the patient will become healthy again. Stay motivated in living this life.

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