BE CAREFUL! 4 Foods Can Be Burned When Ignited


Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiim.. Some of these days the community was again shocked by a video of instant coffee powder that burned when ignited by a fire. Similar cases have actually been a hot topic a few years ago. At that time the test material was crackers or thin biscuits. But the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (POM) confirmed that the food was not dangerous. The cause of the burning is because there is a carbon compound in it.

1. Non Dairy Milk and Creamer

Non dairy milk and creamer products are flammable products. The form in the form of powder has the same ignition properties as flour and sugar. Usually inside the product also contains sodium aluminosilicate which can burn when exposed to heat or fire. As is known, instant coffee usually consists of creamer so it is not surprising if it can burn.

2. Snack

As said at the beginning, the burning biscuit cause carbon content. Other snacks such as chips can also burn because they are fatty foods and hydrocarbons. Both have flammability.

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3. Flour

Starchy foods such as noodle and vermicelli are other products that can burn. Flour which is basically a powder (fine particles) can easily burn if directly ignited by fire. The reason is that flour will become carbohydrates and be more explosive when mixed with air or oxygen.

4. Oil

Foods that contain oil can also be very flammable. Products such as cooking oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil, olive oil, and sesame seed oil can release fire when heated in too high a temperature. Therefore it is important to know the hotspots on oil.


5. Herbs

Even food ingredients like kitchen spices can also burn, for example cinnamon. This one seasoning contains cinnamaldehyde and eugenol which have flammability. Just like flour, cinnamon can cause an explosion if it mixes too much with the air. Then there is garlic that contains a lot of oil. Garlic can burn quickly when exposed to heat or fire.

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